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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 18, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up, tens of thousands of people starting to line the streets of san francisco as one of the bay area's biggest events gets set to go this morning. we'll tell you what you need to know if you're heading to bay to breakers or want to steer clear. >> plus, a disgraced south bay politician is out of jail but still not out of trouble. the legal problems still ahead for the former santa clara county supervisor. the crowd goes wild as a california pony does it again to put himself on the verge of history. what people in the bay area are saying about this cinderella story. this is today in the bay. good morning to you.
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looking live at a very pretty picture of emeryville this morning. some clouds overhead, cooler temperatures, perfect for running in the nude, if that's what you're doing today. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. we get worried about the folks doing bay to breakers and opting out of the costumes. >> it's a little chilly this morning. we're seeing the sea breeze around san francisco where it's 58 degrees. 59 in downtown san jose. you can see the clouds. near downtown, about 58 degrees. you can see the camera bouncing around. the bay to breakers will go from the mid- to upper 50s to the low 60s. thanks to the ocean air conditioning. we'll talk about chances of showers in the seven-day forecast for you in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. san francisco's iconic bay to
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breaker's race is bringing thousands of walkers, runners, and spectators. the 7 1/2 mile race is a tradition now more than 100 years old. but this year, there are some noticeable changes to the race. let's start with the closing of alamo square, which has long been a popular spot for participants to stop in the race. after years of complaints about public intoxication, trash, and people urinating everywhere, the city will no longer grant access to the southern part of the park. instead, it's lined with port-a-potties. it's the one event exempt from the nudity ordinance. so if you're watching, you may get an eyeful. >> the strick ban on backpacks or bags does remain in effect. >> if people are looking to bring a bag, it does need to be clear, and just about the size of a sheet of paper and about four inches thick. enough to carry your cell phone,
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wallet, keys, things like that. >> also new, san francisco police say they're increasing the number of officers patrolling the race by 20%. b.a.r.t. trains started running at 6:00 this morning. the race starts at 8:00. we'll have coverage of bay to breakers all morbing long for you and all day long on nbc bay area and and we want to see your costumed. tweet them to nbc bay area or post them on the facebook page. new this morning, san jose police asking for the public's help in finding a man who wandered away from an assisted living home yesterday afternoon. the 52-year-old left the assisted care facility on the 500 block of canton drive around 4:00 in the afternoon. he has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old and is considered at-risk because he needs daily medication. he was last seen wearing a red
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shirt, gray sweatpoints and a grown baseball hat. a south bay politician is out of jail but still not out of trouble. last year, george shirakawa who was a santa clara county supervisor pled guilty to several charges. a person with connections to the case said he was released from an alameda county jail on may 9th after serving seven months and a day of a one-year term for perjury and misuse of campaign and public funds. now the focus is on a separate criminal case against him. a jury indicted him last account on a felony charge of false impersonation. he pled not guilty to the charge he he impersonated someone in a mailer. >> how is george surehirakawa gg to be able to take the stand in his own defense? the fact he's now a convicted felon is going to get before the jury, and the fact the d.a. was
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able to split them into two parts puts him at a disadvantage. >> as for his felony condition, he is required to report to a probation officer, make restitution to citizens and stay away from gambling. he admitted to using the funds to fuel his gambling addiction. >> a follow-up to a story we brought you friday night. an 8-year-old girl is spending her birthday in a hospital in oakland after she was hilt by a stray bullet and now police are looking for the gunman. she's in critical condition at children's hospital. she was playing on her porch in east oakland when she was shot. police believe the gunman were targeting another man and the girl was hit by accident. that man was also hit and is expected to survive. officers have not released any more information on suspects or motive. also in the east bay, three men were hurt in two separate
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shootings. someone fired at men on verona avenue. paramedics rushed boat men to the hospital. then a few hours later, there was a shooting at an apartment complex in north hayward. officers say it does not look like the two shootings were related. a stranger danger waerning in the east bay where free minute police will have extra patrol looking for a man trying to lure a boy into his car. a 10-year-old boy was walki ing home from his elementary school when a man pulled up and asked the boy if he wanted a ride. the boy got scared and ran home. the man is described as hispanic or indian, about 30 years old with black, spiky hair. the car was an older blue four-dorsedan. if you see anything suspicious, give the police a call. thousands of uc burkery
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graduates opened a new chapter of their lives. yesterday was graduation day for the class of 2014. nancy pelosi delivered the key note speech, calling on students to use their education to change the world and acknowledged that the future is in technology. >> in fact, please raise your iphone if you have tweeted or posted since you have come into the stadium today. y you, too, up there. look around you. think that at least one of your is going to create the next dia platform that all of us will be using. >> pelosi also focused on freedom of speech. this year marks the 50th anniversary of the free speech movement. vice president joe biden is following in the president's footsteps coming to the bay area on wednesday to raise money at the san francisco home of billionaire hedge fund manager
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tom thayer. tickets start at $500 a piece and go up to $10,000 for a one-on-one meeting with the veep. president obama was here a few weeks ago. he toured a walmart store and held a fund-raiser at a silicon valley tech company. >> a fast-changing wildfire forecast. coming up, we go to southern california with a dramatic change for firefighters on the front line. california chrome has won the preakness! >> cheering on california chrome, the champion colt with bay area ties closing in on the elusive triple crown. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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things cool. rob says it's going to remain cool, which is good for those folks warming up for the bay to breakers race. those folks, some of the tamer ones at the front lines, the pros who run it usually finish in about 30 minutes or so. costumes come later. the epic battle against the wildfires in southern california is taking a turn for the better. the state is now adding extra resources to the fight. that includes firefighters from alameda county who battled the fire at camp pendleton. they tweeted this photo of the blaze, but the biggest factor continues to be the weather. it's much cooler, giving weary fire crews a chance to get the upper hand. as nbc reporter joe fryer tells us, it looks like the fight is far from over. >> at its peak, the unpredictable fire threatened thousands of homes. >> last video i can shoot. >> this is what it looked like as flames raced toward a neighborhood called harmony grove. >> it took it probably two minutes to make it through here and do all this devastation.
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two minutes. >> wow, there it is right there. there it is right there. >> warm santa ana winds fueled massive fires like this one in carlsbad. >> oh, my god. >> it's essentially driving through hell's kitchen. i was driving through black walls of smoke. >> the 11 wildfires that burned through 27,000 acres north of san diego this week are simply a destructive prelude. >> this is the first time since we have been doing the drought monitor where we have 100% drought. we would characterize this as a once in a generation drought. >> this is what the splash park looked look last year. this year it's closed as the citizens conserve water. >> we should be proactive and be as conservative as possible. a newly released report revealed the federal government expects to spend $up with.8 billion fighting fires this season. that's at least $470 million more than what's available.
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expecting the worst, california hired 300 additional firefighters just days before the san diego fires. >> it played a huge difference. it allowed us to have hands on deck to put the fires out. >> this year, they'll need every resource to save homes and lives. >> that was joe fryer from southern california. the fires have destroyed more than 27,000 acres and destroyed more than two dozen homes. one more win. that's all it takes for a northern california horse to grab its place in history. >> california chrome has won the praekness! >> you heard it here. california chrome ran away with the win at the preakness stakes in maryland, and the owners who bought the horse for a mere $10,000 were told over and over that the horse was not a winner. well, they proved everyone wrong, didn't they? meanwhile, here in the bay area, hundreds of people watched the race at golden gate field.
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people we talked to said they love the horse's cinderella story. >> i'm so excited for this horse. i think it's awesome. i think he's going to take the triple crown. i really do. >> oh, yeah. i saw him at the derby. we went to the kentucky derby and saw him and we rooted for him when no one else did. >> the last horse to win the triple crown was affirmed back in 1978. the final leg of the triple crown, the belmont stakes will be held on saturday, june 7th, and you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. still ahead on today in the bay, this bay area man was nearly crushed to death, but then he overcame incredible odds to achieve his impossible dream. >> we're seeing a cool and breezy start to your sand in san francisco as low clouds try to take over the tower in the distance. we'll talk about changes in the forecast which may include showers for the work week when we come right back. welcome back.
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and this is looking live from our chopper along the bay to breakers race route. that will be packed with people a little later today. tens of thousands of folks expected. some of these folks arriving early this morning, and they appear to be some of the more serious runners, as they are still fully dressed. it is graduation season as well, but walking across the stage may mean a little more for one medical student who overcame some incredible obstacles, including a near fatal accident. >> dr. andre m. anigha. >> the biggest thing in that moment was my parents. just to see the look on their face. >> at 40 years old, he is officially a doctor. >> we're walking down together. >> two hours before, he was still a student, anxiously awaiting with classmates in the
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hall. six years ago, he began studying medicine. 14 years earlier, he worked three jobs, going to junior college and then san jose state. go back 21 years and you learn how much he has beaten the odds and the clock. he was almost killed by a malfunctioning machine at a tire factory. >> i was literally being crushed to death, suffocated to death. >> then 19 years old, he miraculously survived and a mission was born, get his medical degree and defy the odds in the name of his parents who have defied their own odds as deaf people. >> he's been overcoming problems to make it through medical school, and now he's a doctor. just surprised and overwhelming. i did cry a little bit. >> this story, his story, has come full circle. go back the 40 years andreas has lived and that has become his future, literally. he's just accepted residency in an emergency medicine program in his home town of fresno.
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>> i was born in that hospital. i'm home, like if i did nothing else than what i'm doing right here, i would die a very happy man. >> stephanie trong. >> that's a nice story. rob with a look at the weekend forecast. we saw the graduation, weather looked beautiful. >> it did. thankfully it wasn't on wednesday or thursday when we had the temperatures soaring close to 100 in parse of the bay area. the weekend starting off breezy and cool and it's going to end that way. 59 degrees in san jose with overcast skies. san francisco, just outside at&t park, 59 degrees. we have an early morning sea breeze that will be picking up in strength as we head through the afternoon. the first pitch forecast at 1:05. keep in mind you have the bay to breakers and the game, you want to head out early in downtown san francisco. should see mid-60s around 1:00. sea breeze will be picking up in
7:20 am
strength. 15 to 30 miles per hour as we head to 4:00 and 7:00 this evening. the onshore winds picked up by a wert system tossing high clouds our way. we have patches of low clouds for this afternoon. just some mid-70s in the warmest spots. and as we head to the evening, increasing high clouds, increasing chablss, perhaps, of seeing a few showers. right now, we have high clouds coming in. notice the futurecast as we go to tuesday. a weather system there tossing a chance of seeing a few hilltop showers or briefly showers near the coast early tuesday morning. as we head to tuesday afternoon, cool air aloft and it may kick off some showers. as the air is quite cool higher up, that going to increase the instability over the bay area. we could see a slight chance of brief thundershowers that may not contain a lot of rain. fire danger, we'll have to look
7:21 am
at that if that strikes minus wetting rains. we hope we don't see that, but something to keep in mind in the hills and north bay and east bay as we head into tuesday. as the system begins to move on, at least for wednesday. cool air, also for seattle, for tuesday into wednesday, and then as the low moves on, high pressure will start to build in behind it, which will lead to a warming temperatures that will put our temperatures in the seven-day forecast, climbing to the upper to mid-80s. today, breezy, gusty around the peninsula and san francisco as we head into the afternoon, we'll see highs mostly in the 60s there. and for the north bay and east bay, highs in the warmest spots, 78 in napa, close to 70 in oakland, and if you head to the coast, santa cruz, not too bad, 75. and lake tahoe, 60.
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beginning tomorrow, you could see thundershowers late monday, and much cooler weather tuesday, and then a taste of summer as the temperatures soar to the mid-80s inland by friday. thank you. amputees in third-world countries are benefitting from the ambitions of bay area girls and women. how their interest in math and science is building a better future for them and for people around the world.
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man: you know, it's funny, this baja quesadilla burger doesn't really look like burger. man 2: grilled beef patty? that's burger-esque. man 1: yeah, but the flour tortilla is, like, quesadilla-y. man 2: it's both, okay? you happy? man 1: dude, it's four bucks. i am definitely happy. [ding] waitress: welcome to denny's.
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dozens of young women from high schools around the bay area got an important lesson and likely a lot of insprashz at santa clara university this weekend. students from santa clara wilson and wilcox high schools spent yesterday building prosthetic hands for actual amputees around the world. the workshop was put on by the chapter of society of women engineers one step ahead
7:25 am
program. a grad student is the president and helped organize the event. thank you for joining us this bright and early sunday afternoon. >> thank you for having me. >> probably what you're used to getting up. >> i usually don't have classes this early. >> we saw women building the prosthetic hands that are going to be used by real people. why take that approach? it seems like a big responsibility? >> absolutely. i think it's so important to expose girls to engineering early on. the biggest way we can do that, that we discovered over the years, is give them a hands-on experience, and emphasize how that's benefitting people. >> over and over, you hear people say, i don't use the math i learned in school. but when you can give them the practical applications, it makes more sense, right? >> a lot of times girls say, i'm not good at math.
7:26 am
it's this ongoing cycle of i'm not good at it, not good at it. giving them a chance to do something that is hands on, it's in graining in girls that our job is to go out and do helping jobs. a lot of times women end up as teachers and nurses. men tend to go into more technical fields. we're here to say, no, girls can do this as well. >> stem is science, technology, engineering, and math. you want more girls to pursue careers in that field? >> that's one of our biggest missions as a club on campus, to help girls be exposed to those fields. >> sometimes the best way to expose girls is to give them a good role model. congratulations. you're the first student to get a national science scholarship. bravo to you. what is next? >> i'll be heading to berkeley to get a ph.d. this year and i'll be studying mechanical
7:27 am
engineering and my hope is to be a professor some day so i can continue to inspire girls. >> that would be awesome. i would love for my daughters to be in your class. let's look at statistics of women in science related fields in the work force. according to a recent report, women are well represented in social sciences, but they only make up 13% of engineers. just about 25% of positions in computer and matmatical sciences. in your experience, why do you think that is? >> well, i think it's really daunting when girls look into engineering and don't see women there. to me, if you can see it, you can be it. having women in the field or having women as teachers when you go into engineering is so important. santa clara university has one of the highest faculty ratios of female engineers at around 33%. so for me and other fenail engineers coming into
7:28 am
engineeri engineering, that's a really bright point to see women engineers. >> it's too late to talk about putting them in the work force if they're not qualified to do the job, so we have to get girls interesting going into college. >> a lot of girls at santa clara run, ten years ago, a majority of the students applying were men. now it's almost split. >> i think i would have been more interested if i could build hands for people around the world instead of calculus and engineering. >> there's definitely an idea that engineers sit behind a desk all day and plug number, but that's not true. engineering is everywhere. it's exposing girls to engineering from the moment you turn on the faucet to brush your teeth. it goes on and on. >> congratulations. we're glad to know you'll be in the bay area inspiring and educating our girls for years to come. still ahead on today in the bay, wall street buzzing over
7:29 am
the next mega merger that a company is willing to pay $50 billion for directv. >> and an international summit for the kidnapped girls in nigeria. how the united states is now helping with that operation. ♪ ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans!
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good morning. looking live this morning at the start of the bay to breakers race. the tortillas already flying. the costumes toward the back. we're looking live from the chopper now at the crowd that's assembling. serious runners in the front, party people in the back. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. they may not want to cast aside the costumes this morning. >> as you can see, partly cloudy skies. interesting view looking at the bay to breakers forecast. you have high clouds there coming in towards you, and the low clouds spilling over the
7:32 am
hilltops. interesting view over san francisco right now. 59 degrees most places in the bay area seeing temperatures in the 50s. we'll see numbers from the 50s at 8:00 to eventual low 60. breezy throughout the day today. pretty nice day to head to santa cruz. 75. 63 in manta ray. we have a chance of seeing showers as we head through the seven-day forecast and temperatures rising maybe close to 90 inland, too. i'll have a full look in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. san francisco's iconic bay to breakers race is drawing tens of thousands of runners, walkers, and spectators to the streets of san francisco this morning, already getting ready to take off on that 7.5-mile race that winds from the embarcadero to ocean beach. it's a trudig more than 100 years old. there are changes for this year. the closing of alamo square, which has long been a popular place for participants to stop in the race. after years of people being unruly, urinating everywhere, leaving trash and being drunk in
7:33 am
public, the city will no longer allow access to the southern part of the park. instead, the perimeter will be lined with dozens of port-a-potties. bay to breakers still the one city event that is exempt from the nudity ordinance. so if you're watching, you may get an eyeful. we're trying to keep the images out for you, but you can probably see them if you're there in person. there's still a trict ban on backpacks and bags instituted after the boston marathons last year. >> if you are looking to bring a bag, it needs to be clear and just about the size of a sheet of paper and about four inches thick. enough to carry your cell phone, wallet, keys in, things like that. >> also new this year, san francisco police say they're increasing the number of officers patrolling the race by 20%. b.a.r.t. trains started running this morning. the race starts in just about 27 minutes. we'll have coverage of bay to breakers all day long on nbc bay
7:34 am
area and n we would like to see your costumes. we will warn you, if they're not clean, we can't show them. >> new this morning, san jose police are asking for the public's help in finding a man who wandered away from this assisting living home yesterday afternoon. the 52-year-old left the care facility on the 500 block of canton drive around 4:00 in a south san jose neighborhood with the boundaries of i-85. police say he has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old and is considered at risk because of his need for daily medication. he was last seen wearing a red shirt, gray sweatpants and a brown baseball hat. a south bay politician is out of jail but still not out of trouble. last year, george shirakawa, who is a santa clara county supervisor pled guilty to several charges. a person with connections to the
7:35 am
case tells nbc bay area he was released from an alameda county jail on may 9th after serving seven months and a day for a one-year term for perjury and misuse of public and campaign funds. now the focus is on a separate crimnm case against him. they indicted him on a felony charge of false impersonation. he pled not guilty to the charges he impersonated someone in a mailer meant to discredit a political rival. he's due back in court in september for that case. >> how will he be able to take the stand in his own defense? the fact he's now a convicted felon is going to get before the jury, and the fact the d.a. was able to split the cases into two parts really puts him at a disadvantage. >> as for his felony conviction, he is required to report to a probation officer, make restitution to citizens and stay away from gambling. he admitted to using the public and campaign funds to fuel his
7:36 am
gambling addition. >> call it a mega media merger. at&t is set to announce a deal to buy directv. the deal is worth $50 billion and if it goes through, it could match compast, that is if comcast completes its acquisition of time warner cable. at&t serves nearly 6 million people. for full disclosure, nbc, this station, is sewned by comcast. a dangerous and deadly virus may be spreading in america. health officials say an illinois man is now the third american to test positive for the mers virus. it has sickened nearly 600 people worldwide and killed more than 150 people, mostly in saudi arabia. the virus has symptoms similar to the flu, including fever, coughing, and shortness of wreth, but the latest case was
7:37 am
transmitted pe eted person to p. >> according to turkish authorities, they have ordered the arrest of 18 people where 300 miners were killed in a coal mine incident last week. the last two missing miners have been recovered from the site. despite claims negligence had nothing to do with that, many angry protesters have taken to the street. the turkish government has pledged a thorough investigation into those deaths. african leaders met in paris today for an international summit aimed at rescuing more than 200 school girls kidnapped by terrorists last month. they're targeting boko haram, the islamic group that took the girls. the u.s. is involved and has been in the search, but now
7:38 am
using mans and unmanned planes to find them. officials say this is not going to be easy. >> we're talking about fewer than 300 people who are being searched for in an area at least the size of west virginia. and portions of which are very denlsly forested, as i understand it. this is a difficult challenge. >> the leaders at today's summit agreed to share intelligence and cooperate across borders to fight boko haram and bring the girls home safely. still ahead on today in the bay, the giants get taken out by technology. and the a's continue to roll despite a major ejection. we have all the high and lowlights coming up next.
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7:41 am
the ostriches have taken their marks for the bay to breakers race. obviously, serious competitors looking live from the chopper this morning, you can see how many people are starting to gather for the race that starts now in about 19 minutes. bay to breakers, more than 100 years old now. the giants were looking to rebound from friday night's loss to the marlins, but after further review, it just wasn't their night. fans got fedoras last night, looking kind of somber. second inning, brandon hicks doubles off the wall with runners at second and third. but the umpire said he never touched second base, and they go to review and call him out, killing that rally. the game got away from the giants after that, and miami takes their second straight game from san francisco at home. this one, 5-0. to cleveland now, and the a's taking on the indians. starting pitcher scott kazmir
7:42 am
gets thrown out of the game in the second inning for arguing balls and strikes, but it would not spile the a's party. brandon moss crushes a two-run shot to right center. his ninth of the year. oakland cruises to a 6-2 win. and just in to our newsroom, the san francisco chronicle is reporting that sacramento is interested in changing its minor league affiliation from the a's to the giants. the skraementd river cats and the a's have had a partnership since 2000 and the aaa team's contract is up with oakland this season as is the giants' with aaa fresno. >> still ahead on today in the bay, chasing jerry. many experts believe the governor's race is all but over even before it hits the november ballot, but which candidate will emerge to challenge that theory? larry gerson joins us next. >> there's a lot to do in the
7:43 am
bay. today is the crazy run called bay to breakers, but we begin with the makeatest show and tel. it's a family friendly show of invention and resourcefulness and they just want to show you what they made. part science fair and part county fair, but anyone who likes how things work is going to want to work this into their schedule. a very popular event was issued to local schools in the area as well. in the berkeley area and the high school called berkeley high, that's benefitting from jazz on foot, specifically helping the jazz programs there. this year, the street festival will feature legends like ed reed, the berkeley high school combo, and sista monica parker. it has a high school ensemble directed by sarah klein. the musical director is not the one who waves the wand, but to
7:44 am
learn more about how to wave and cast a fishing pole, head south to lake cunningham park, and south bay fishing where today they're teaching kids 5 to 15 to fish on their own. they'll learn the basics and get a loaner rod. and they'll get to try their luck through noon. what time is it? clinics start as early as 8:00, just a few minutes from now, but the last one starts at 10:00. you still have time. tomorrow, i'll be back here to tell you about the monday morning commute and maybe i'll tell you a tale about a clear drive just on the way.
7:45 am
7:46 am
last thursday night, republican gubernatorial candidate tim donnelly and neel kashkari met in a 95-minute debate in orange county. larry gerston skips bay to breakers to join us to talk about the significance of that meeting. >> without my costume. >> i know, and the alternative
7:47 am
is nothing. so, can either of these candidates catch up with jerry brown, who seems to be just on a straight course? >> oh, gosh, not at the moment. he's on his own bay to breakers race with nobody near him. he's flying. flying high in the public opinion polls. in the last few weeks. even republican leaders in the legislature have smothered him with praise. that's a little scary. >> yeah. so neel kashkari and dim tonally are both republicans. why are we talking about them? is there really a big difference between the two of them? >> under the top two primary system, one of these guys is likely to be the second one to go at brown. we have 20 people running for governor, but brown, way ahead. and kashkari or donnelly, most likely, are the ones who would be to ones to come in second. that's really important. the fact is they're both republicans. you say so what? but it's more than that.
7:48 am
there are differences. differences particularly when it comes to their social issues. economically, no big deal. the fact is they both deal that the state budget is too big. local government should be -- power should be returned to local government. but when you get into social issues, social issues, that's where they're differing. donnelly, for example, wants to see -- for a minute man, he's a guy who believes that there should not be a same-sex marriage. donnelly believes that women should not have a right to choose. these are major issue differences. then you get to kashkari on the other end. what's his story? he's got problems -- not problems, a different attitude when it comes to the opportunity for people to get same-sex marriage. for it. he's for a woman's right to choose. when it comes to issues like immigration, he wants to see a path to citizenship. now we're talking about people who are very, very different
7:49 am
when it comes to social questions. >> so now, let's talk about why this race is so important. i mean, as you mention, this is the top two now. this is a person who is going to be the republicans' opportunity to take over. >> here's the story. it really could be a tipping point, kris, for california. for the republican party in particular. right now, republicans have 29% of the registered voters. that's it. 29%. they run the risk of being marginalized. california could become a one-party state if things continue the way they are. donnelly and kashkari are fighting for more than the second spot. they're fighting for the future of the party in the state. each of them wants to take the party in a radically different direction. from each other, so for this reason, the outcome of the race will say volumes about california republican party and
7:50 am
where we go. remember, kris, 43% of the state is now non-hispanic white. that means 57% of the state is not. donnelly, as far as he's concerned, doesn't want to open up the republican party beyond that real narrow conservative social stance. cash carey, theindo american is saying we have to look at things a lot differently here. we have to bring in other people. otherwise the republican party is going to desint great. >> can fundamental republicans get behind him if he's so far away from the base. he's not christian. >> he's a hindu. >> donnelly had this all to himself. kashkari got into this late. in doing so, he put himself at a good disadvantage. cash carey has put $2 million of his own money in. he's raised another $2 million. donnelly is broke, so donnelly has all these right wing conservative activists in his camp running like crazy to make
7:51 am
sure he wins. kashkari is appealing to the moderates. i don't know if it's going to work. we'll have to see. one way or another, they will define the future of the republican party. >> interesting to watch. thank you very much, larry. >> still ahead, a bay area landmark turns 90. we'll show you the freebie that partygoers got. >> this morning, high clouds at the top of the screen in addition to low clouds building in san francisco. a cool finish to the weekend with a chance of showers and maybe thunder in the seven-day forecast. we'll look at that when we come back.
7:52 am
7:53 am
and sunday morning starting off with some areas of low clouds that have spilled into the south bay, across the peninsula and to the east bay. san francisco, kind of interesting, not just the low clouds but high clouds there at the top of the screen, the outer fringe of a trough of low pressure that will drop to the south early next week, which will bring a chance of showers. right now, what it's helping to
7:54 am
do is crank up the onshore winds. if you're heading to the game we should see temperatures in the mid-60s. we could get winds up to 35 miles per hour again around sfo as we approach the evening. right now, the wind speeds about 10 to 20 into san francisco. it's a little bit of a blustery start, and that will keep the temperatures down around the peninsula and coast. livermore, fairfield, all the arrows pointing onshore, which is the cooler marine air to keep our temperatures down into the 70s. for the morning, patchy clouds. should see the low clouds start to break up around the eastern portion of the bay, around oakland and down to hayward, and then for the afternoon, 60s to only mid-70s for highs inland and temperatures will cool off more into monday and tuesday with increasing clouds hinting at changes ahead that will include perhaps a chance of seeing showers. right now, this area of low
7:55 am
pressure, this trough is anchored off the west coast of oregon. not impacting the weekend over that tossing clouds our way now, but come late monday, you'll see a chance of thunderstorms. notice what happens tuesday morning, a few showers along the san mateo and santa cruz coasts in the morning, and then with increasing vertical motion in the altmotmosphere from midaften to early evening, you may see perhaps enough instability to generate a shower. which we have to watch out for, have to watch out for lightning-sparked fires. that would be for tuesday. as the system moves on, we'll see a different pattern change evolve as high pressure builds back in and temperatures start to rise. temperatures dropping as the low drops over the bay area tuesday to wednesday. breezy on wednesday, and thursday and friday, as the high returns heading into memorial day weekend. we'll see temperatures climbing
7:56 am
to mid-80s by friday, and perhaps low 90s into next weekend. a cool weekend we're seeing now. next weekend might be a little bit of a different story. 73 in san jose. upper 60s for most places around the peninsula. san francisco seeing temperatures in the low to mid-60s near the embarcadero. and in the north bay and trivalley, mid-70s. oakland, close to 70. upper 60s near alameda. if you look at the forecast heading to the coast today, not too bad. 75 in santa cruz. notice the roller coaster ride in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, cooler through wednesday and then temperatures feeling more like summer toward the end of the weekend. >> celebrating a love of books in san jose with kristi yamaguchi. she was there for yesterday's reading adventures. that's our own janelle wang, who got upstaged by sharky. yamaguchi said she hopes this
7:57 am
gets kids passionate about reading. >> the annual event is put on by yamaguchi's happy hollow foundation. >> the giant dipper at santa cruz boardwalk turned 90 this weekend. the ride opened in 1924 when people paid 15 cents to enjoy that 80-foot climb and 75-foot dip in the track. the same ride now costs $6. in honor of the dipper milestone, fans rode yesterday for free. we're told 60 million have coasted down the half mile track, including actress michelle pfeiffer and nba legend wilt chamberlain. in 1987, the national parks dez dm dezinated it as a historic landmark. >> it's a fun ride. >> 90 years old. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning.
7:58 am
we'll leave you with a live look at the start line of the bay to breakers race. we'll look live from the chopper shot so we can also keep it clean for you. have a great day. more news tonight at 5:00, s6:0, and 11:00. the same goes for the cars and trucks at frontier ford. with great innovation and commitment to quality, they have caused us in rethinking our choices in choosing a car to buy. reshape your thinking with our award-winning service.
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next on "meet the press," republican attempts to take down hk a hillary clinton are in full swing. will republicans stop at nothing to keep her from running in 2016? i'll be joined by reince priebus, the chair of the republican national committee, and claire mccaskill, democratic senator from missouri who has already endorsed clinton for president. plus, the high profile firing that has rekindled a national conversation about women, power, and leadership. as the debate rages over the dismissal of "new york times" editor jill abramson we'll ask are women in power positions held to a different standard than men. and new york shriver, carolyn


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